Green Getaway Ideas as Lockdown is Lifted

As lockdowns around Europe are lifted, many people’s minds are turning to travel once more. But those of us who are passionate about sustainability will not rush to book flights or jet off to holiday hot-spots. Aviation is unfortunately not an area where sustainability is top of the agenda. And as most of us are no doubt aware, flying is the least green way to travel.

There is a strong and almost impulsive desire among many to simply get away. But returning to business as normal in the world of travel is not the way we should go. It could, perhaps, go without saying. But we should always try to avoid flying whenever we can. We should try to choose more sustainable travel options whenever possible.

So what exactly does sustainable travel entail? How can we have a green getaway as travel restrictions are lifted where we live? Here are a few tips:

  • Choose a destination as close to home as possible. (Sometimes, the best adventures can be had practically in our own backyards.)
  • Seek off-the-beaten-track options, and avoid tourist hotspots to reduce overburdening a local area and its populace.
  • Choose slow travel options wherever you can. (Hike, bike, kayak, canoe, sail, take a horseback ride etc..)
  • If you need to travel by car – consider hiring an electric vehicle.
  • Choose a sustainable place to stay. (Camping is one excellent option for a green getaway.)
  • If camping is too ‘back to basics’, consider where you stay carefully. Glamping spots, farm-stays, and sustainable hotels can all be good choices. Just make sure you analyse the accommodation to ascertain how sustainable it really is. Think about how it was made and the impact that had, think about how resources, water and energy are used on the site, and what happens with waste from the property.
  • Think about what activities you choose to do while you’re away. Spending time in nature, enjoying beauty spots and outdoors activities, is always a good option.
  • Eat sustainably while away from home. Choose local, seasonal, organic options.
  • Take reusable items to make it easier to enjoy a zero waste trip. And think about any waste you do generate and where it goes.
  • Always minimise your impact on the ecosystems you pass through.
  • Make sure your money goes to supporting local, sustainable businesses and allows local communities to thrive.

Need some tips to plan a green getaway? Please do get in touch.

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