How To Avoid Buying in Organic Materials to Make New Gardens

Many people establishing new garden areas immediately jump to purchasing organic materials such as compost, topsoil or wood chip mulch. But more often than not, it is possible to source materials for free, or even to avoid purchasing materials altogether by using what is already on site. One tool that is very useful for thoseContinue reading “How To Avoid Buying in Organic Materials to Make New Gardens”

Using Wood Chip in the Garden

Wood chip is a useful material in the garden. And after spending quite a lot of time this weekend shredding pruned branches etc. and spreading some to refresh some paths around our property, I thought I’d share this link to an article a wrote just over a year ago about how to use this inContinue reading “Using Wood Chip in the Garden”

How To Use Pruned Branches From Your Garden

As winter and the dormant phase approaches, you may well be undertaking a wide range of pruning jobs in your garden. I’d like to take a moment to explore what you can do with the branches you prune. Even on a small property, you can have quite a lot of wood from pruning – especiallyContinue reading “How To Use Pruned Branches From Your Garden”