Elaeagnus in a Forest Garden

I am soon going to be taking hardwood cuttings of some of the Elaeagnus in my forest garden. While Elaeagnus varieties can be invasive in certain regions (of North America, for example) I find that they can be very valuable additions to polyculture planting schemes in a range of settings. In my gradually evolving forestContinue reading “Elaeagnus in a Forest Garden”

How To Use Pruned Branches From Your Garden

As winter and the dormant phase approaches, you may well be undertaking a wide range of pruning jobs in your garden. I’d like to take a moment to explore what you can do with the branches you prune. Even on a small property, you can have quite a lot of wood from pruning – especiallyContinue reading “How To Use Pruned Branches From Your Garden”

Propagating Plants in a Permaculture Garden

At this time of year, saving seeds is often an important job. By saving our own seeds from our gardens, we can save money and, over time, create strains of certain species better suited for growing in our own particular gardens. Thinking about how we can increase our plant stocks is essential in planning inContinue reading “Propagating Plants in a Permaculture Garden”