How To Use Pruned Branches From Your Garden

Rustic wattle fence bed edging

As winter and the dormant phase approaches, you may well be undertaking a wide range of pruning jobs in your garden. I’d like to take a moment to explore what you can do with the branches you prune.

Even on a small property, you can have quite a lot of wood from pruning – especially if you are managing a forest garden with more established trees and shrubs.

Use Pruned Branches To Propagate New Plants

First of all, certain pruned branches could be used for hardwood cuttings. This is one possible way to propagate plants and populate your garden affordably.

Use Pruned Branches for Constructional Projects

It is also worthwhile considering constructional projects for which branches could be used. For example, you can make a range of useful structures for your garden. You can make a trellis, for example, or use pliable branches to make the structure for a row cover or polytunnel. You can also use pruned branches to make a wattle fence, or a low fence that can serve as bed edging for your growing areas.

Utilize Pruned Branches for Art and Crafting Projects

Branches pruned from certain trees and shrubs in your garden can also be very useful for use in art and crafting projects. In the run up to Christmas, for example, you could form some DIY Christmas wreathes or other Christmas decorations from the woody material you prune.

Chip or Shred Branches For Wood Chip

Wood chip can be used in your garden in a range of different ways. Breaking down woody material into wood chip can be a useful thing to do. Wood chip can be used in the ways described in this article I wrote:

20 Uses For Wood Chip In The Garden & Homestead

Pruned wood can be very useful, whether it is kept in larger pieces, or chipped and used to return fertility to your garden.

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