Lawn Looking Bad Over Winter?

Are you used to your lawn turning into a muddy mess over the winter months? Fed up of bare patches and weeds in spring? There is a simple solution – get rid of that lawn and replace it with a more eco-friendly, vibrant and biodiverse planting scheme that looks good year round. Lawn care isContinue reading “Lawn Looking Bad Over Winter?”

How I Spend My Summer

I know that many people are keen to get away, yet many will not be enjoying their usual summer holidays away this year. So I thought that some people might appreciate learning a little more about how I typically spend my summer, for some inspiration about how to enjoy summer breaks in a more sustainableContinue reading “How I Spend My Summer”

Conversations About Sustainability

I am very lucky to live with people who are broadly on the same page that I am. But many people live with others who don’t think about sustainability all that often. Others may even come up against a brick wall when trying to talk about what’s best for people and our planet. So, howContinue reading “Conversations About Sustainability”