Sustainability: Winning Over Those Reluctant to Change

The biggest challenge in sustainability is not finding alternative solutions. Many of those alternative solutions to our biggest environmental and social challenges already exist. The greatest issue is generating real behavioural change. Working out how to win over those who are reluctant to change is one of the most important problems of our age. InContinue reading “Sustainability: Winning Over Those Reluctant to Change”

Integrate Don’t Segregate

In our gardens and in our lives, integration can be integral to positive change. Lockdowns have left many of us feeling isolated and cut off from others. But in some ways, facing challenges together has brought people closer. Communities have come together – even as we have physically been kept apart. In a world ofContinue reading “Integrate Don’t Segregate”

Conversations About Sustainability

I am very lucky to live with people who are broadly on the same page that I am. But many people live with others who don’t think about sustainability all that often. Others may even come up against a brick wall when trying to talk about what’s best for people and our planet. So, howContinue reading “Conversations About Sustainability”