Lawn Looking Bad Over Winter?

Are you used to your lawn turning into a muddy mess over the winter months? Fed up of bare patches and weeds in spring? There is a simple solution – get rid of that lawn and replace it with a more eco-friendly, vibrant and biodiverse planting scheme that looks good year round. Lawn care isContinue reading “Lawn Looking Bad Over Winter?”

Case Study: Small Garden With Raised Beds

The image and simple planting plan above is part of an example permaculture scheme for a small domestic garden in England. The client requested that a lawn area be kept, so that it can be used for placing a trampoline for kids to use. But wanted to improve the garden and grow as some typicalContinue reading “Case Study: Small Garden With Raised Beds”

Case Study: Losing the Lawn To Create a More Abundant, Productive Garden

In this case study, I want to share with you part of a design I created for one homeowner who wanted to overhaul her long, lawn-covered garden. It is designed to provide a restful and reasonably low maintenance space, which can be enjoyed by the family, and yet will allow for plenty of food production. Continue reading “Case Study: Losing the Lawn To Create a More Abundant, Productive Garden”

Why Do So Many People Have a Manicured Grass Lawn?

It is likely that most homes in your neighbourhood will have a lawn. But why? Have you ever stopped to consider why lawns are so popular? Short, maintained grass, it could be argued, feeds into our human urge to tame and control our surroundings. Short grasses make it easier to see any dangers coming. TheyContinue reading “Why Do So Many People Have a Manicured Grass Lawn?”