Choosing Ground Cover For Silvo-Pasture Systems

Silvo pasture is a great strategy for sustainable livestock farming. It simply involves integrating trees into pasture landscape design. The trees may be orchard trees which provide additional yields from the land. Or they may be native trees chosen to enrich the soil, boost biodiversity, or simply to provide shade for the livestock below. ManyContinue reading “Choosing Ground Cover For Silvo-Pasture Systems”

Why Do So Many People Have a Manicured Grass Lawn?

It is likely that most homes in your neighbourhood will have a lawn. But why? Have you ever stopped to consider why lawns are so popular? Short, maintained grass, it could be argued, feeds into our human urge to tame and control our surroundings. Short grasses make it easier to see any dangers coming. TheyContinue reading “Why Do So Many People Have a Manicured Grass Lawn?”