How I Spend My Summer

Gooseberry picking is one of the next summer activities on the list…

I know that many people are keen to get away, yet many will not be enjoying their usual summer holidays away this year. So I thought that some people might appreciate learning a little more about how I typically spend my summer, for some inspiration about how to enjoy summer breaks in a more sustainable way.

First of all, it is worthwhile mentioning that while I do take the odd day off work here and there, I do not typically take my main holidays at this time of year. For one thing, over the summer months, aside from work I also tend to be particularly busy in my garden. Gardening and growing your own is, of course, a great way to while away the summer hours.

Another reason that we tend not to take our main holidays in summer is that peak season is not the most sustainable time to go away. We tend to go off season, when there are fewer crowds (and prices can be lower too). Going somewhere off the beaten track, in the less busy seasons, can lower the impact of your adventure significantly. Too many people going to the same places at the same time can really take its toll.

We go away somewhere most years. But even before Covid, we go abroad no more than once every one or two years. We tend to take a camping holiday, either in spring or autumn, or both – sometimes further afield, but often just a few hours from home, somewhere here in Scotland. (The dreaded Scottish biting midge makes camping in Scotland in summer less fun too!)

Over the summer, we do of course still have some time off. And we like to use time off productively. Often, we’ll work in our garden, or on our barn renovation. We take on fun projects, and I also enjoy making and doing – arts and crafts. We might learn new skills – and I highly recommend that as a sustainable summer thing to do.

We also love to walk, and take a lot of long walks in summer – in the countryside around where we live or, when it is not too busy, on the beaches and around the coastline nearby. Sometimes, we head out foraging, or with some other goal in mind.

Summers here are quiet, but busy. And they are not solitary either. We very much look forward to welcoming guests again and next week, we will be seeing my mother in law for the first time in a long while. Soon, we hope to enjoy some long weekends with friends, as this is also an important part of our typical sustainable summer. We enjoy home cooked meals, perhaps a few drinks, and some good conversation.

My summer might not sound like the most exciting summer to everyone. But for us, a sustainable summer is all about cracking on towards our goals, and taking pleasure in the little things…

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