First Vaccine Dose and Feeling Fine

I do not know how many of you have yet been fortunate enough to receive your first Covid 19 vaccination. But if any of you are going to get your vaccine soon, I thought I would write a brief post to reassure you. I went yesterday evening to our local vaccination point. It was aContinue reading “First Vaccine Dose and Feeling Fine”

Contagion – Spreading Sustainable Ideas

Waking up today to news that President Trump has coronavirus, I began to think about contagion. Of course, this is something we have all been forced to think about more in the last months. Faced with a virus that spreads so easily, we all have to think about the responsibility we have to prevent spread.Continue reading “Contagion – Spreading Sustainable Ideas”

Coronavirus Discounts

During this Coronavirus crisis, it is vital to remember that we are facing two crises, not just one. The climate crisis has not gone away. Now, it is more vitally important than ever that we keep sustainability and sustainable food production on everyone’s minds, and high on the agenda. Since the start of this crisis,Continue reading “Coronavirus Discounts”