Contagion – Spreading Sustainable Ideas

Waking up today to news that President Trump has coronavirus, I began to think about contagion. Of course, this is something we have all been forced to think about more in the last months. Faced with a virus that spreads so easily, we all have to think about the responsibility we have to prevent spread.

But viruses are not the only think that can spread. Ideas can also spread like a virus, or like wildfire. I think it is important as we go through our lives that we think about the ideas we are spreading. Contagion is bad when it comes to viruses, and negative messages. But spreading sustainable ideas can be a way to spread good in this world.

Sometimes, the smallest comment we might make can spark off something for someone close to us. And we can influence others simply through what we do and the choices we make. We can often have far more impact on actual action than we imagine.

As well as thinking about living in a sustainable way ourselves, we should also be thinking about how we can spread the ideas we embrace, and encourage others to do the same. If you can encourage one other person to take one positive action, then you have done a good thing.

It is not about preaching. And we are none of us perfect. But through our actions, words and deeds, we can spread sustainable ideas – kindness, friendship, connection – with other people and with the natural world.

Today is my Birthday, and I am spending it in my garden – picking apples, blackberries and elderberries and enjoying a sunny autumnal day. This might not be what everyone likes to do – but for me, it is a lovely way to spend a day. On Monday, I will be back to trying to spread sustainable ideas, and back to promoting positive permaculture progress around the world.

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