Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

It might seem like it is still far off, but the holiday season is fast approaching. And the consumerist machine is already ramping up to sell, sell and sell some more. This year, as you think about gifts you would like to give – think about more sustainable options.

If you grow your own, your garden can be a source of plenty of options. You could gift a plant or some seeds, a beautiful tree perhaps. You could make edible gifts, preserves or drinks for friends and family. You could hand craft something – from wood, perhaps, or a soap or bath product… using materials you grow. Or you could take on an art product making use of natural materials. There certainly are plenty of options.

Making your own gifts from garden produce or natural materials is one way to really show your loved ones that you care this year. It can also help you withdraw your support for damaging systems.

Upcycling and reuse are another way to go. Many great gifts are not brand new but have had other owners before. This year, before you head to the stores, think about upcycling old items, or passing on cherished old items that someone might appreciate.

But when thinking about gifts, it is also interesting to consider that gifts do not have to be physical objects. You can consider gifting experiences rather than things. Of course, you should tailor your gifts to those you give them to. But many people might appreciate making memories rather than receiving more clutter for their homes.

Take a DIY approach, upcycle and reuse, and consider gifting experiences rather than things. If we use our imaginations, effort and time, we can avoid stepping back onto the consumerist treadmill. We can celebrate the holiday season and treat those we love while still making sustainable decisions about the way we live our lives.

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