Coronavirus Discounts

During this Coronavirus crisis, it is vital to remember that we are facing two crises, not just one. The climate crisis has not gone away. Now, it is more vitally important than ever that we keep sustainability and sustainable food production on everyone’s minds, and high on the agenda.

Since the start of this crisis, I have seen a large upswing in interest – particularly in permaculture garden designs. With so many of us stuck at home, many are turning their attention to their gardens.

Communities are coming together, even while physically distancing, in a range of amazing ways. I have been inspired by the many people around the world doing what they can to help others during this difficult time.

I know that is is a time when many people are struggling financially. So to try to continue to drive forward sustainable change, while also easing these burdens, I am offering discounts on domestic permaculture garden designs for a limited time.

Are you are a key worker, who needs a relaxing garden to come home to?

Have you lost your job, or are you struggling to make ends meet?

Are you a family looking for help to create a garden that will keep everyone fed and entertained?

For a limited time only, I will offer garden designs at just 10% of the usual price. Please contact me to discuss your situation and requirements, and I will get back to you with a questionnaire to fill out. Once I have your answers, I will send you your personalised discounted offer.

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