Who is Showing True Leadership in the Climate Crisis and Who is Not

While not surprised, I have been disappointed by the showing by many ‘world leaders’ at COP26. Voluntary agreements announced thus far may sometimes seem positive on the surface, but massive loopholes and vague language most definitely remain. The draft of the Glasgow decision text has laid out the next steps nations will take to tackleContinue reading “Who is Showing True Leadership in the Climate Crisis and Who is Not”

Remaining Vigilant for Hypocrisy at COP26

While there are undoubtedly some signs for hope coming out of the climate change conference in Glasgow this week, unfortunately, our leaders are, in some major ways, still falling far short. After speaking about the vital importance of action at the conference, Boris Johnson and other leaders have been criticised for flying back home. TimeContinue reading “Remaining Vigilant for Hypocrisy at COP26”

Can COP Really Deliver on Climate Finance and Climate Justice?

As discourse on climate finance is taking place at the COP26 conference, mobilising public and private finance is key. Financial services firms have agreed to align $130 trillion with climate goals, and a new financial mechanism of green bonds has been announced… But while energy coalesces around this aspect of tackling the crises we face,Continue reading “Can COP Really Deliver on Climate Finance and Climate Justice?”

Sustainable Halloween & Very Busy as COP 26 Starts

Please excuse the hiatus over the last couple of days. I do try to post here most days but did not manage to do so over the weekend. As COP26 starts, and the world’s attention turns to these pivotal talks, those of us involved in sustainability and permaculture are busier than ever. Do check outContinue reading “Sustainable Halloween & Very Busy as COP 26 Starts”

Pre-COP 26, NDCs Are Not Enough

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) pre-COP 26 have been updated and, as UNEP’s The Emissions Gap Report 2021: The Heat Is On reveals, these are not enough to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement and keep anthropocentric global warming below 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. With COP 26 just a couple of days away, evenContinue reading “Pre-COP 26, NDCs Are Not Enough”

Are Your Financial Dealings Helping or Hindering Climate Efforts?

When you think about living in a more sustainable way, you are likely to begin by looking at those things that are closest to home – food production, energy, recycling. You’ll likely look at how you get around, and, of course, at what you choose to buy (or to avoid buying). Often, however, people tryingContinue reading “Are Your Financial Dealings Helping or Hindering Climate Efforts?”

We Must Lobby As Hard For Climate Action as Some Do Against It

If you have not yet seen this story, then I urge you to read it. As politicians gear up for COP26, an expose of leaked documents reveals just how hard it will be to change the status quo. Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia and OPEC have pressed to water down a key UN scientificContinue reading “We Must Lobby As Hard For Climate Action as Some Do Against It”

The Run Up To COP26

As the pivotal climate change conference draws closer, Scotland is ramping up to host visitors and dignitaries from all over the world. Though I do not plan to go through to Glasgow for events, I will be keeping a close eye on happenings, and will certainly be checking out plenty of fringe events online. ThereContinue reading “The Run Up To COP26”

Practicing What We Preach

In the run up to COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference of Parties, it is more important than ever that we move from paying lip service to sustainability and tackling our climate crisis to real and lasting action. It is very easy for politicians and those in the public eye to say the ‘right things’.Continue reading “Practicing What We Preach”