Sustainable Halloween & Very Busy as COP 26 Starts

Forest Guardians Halloween Pumpkin. I carved a pumpkin with trees all round, and used the plentiful carved out pieces and the seeds to make our dinner.

Please excuse the hiatus over the last couple of days. I do try to post here most days but did not manage to do so over the weekend. As COP26 starts, and the world’s attention turns to these pivotal talks, those of us involved in sustainability and permaculture are busier than ever.

Do check out what it happening at COP – there are plenty of live streams and other opportunities to see what is going on online throughout the conference.

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween celebrations, and remembered to do so in a sustainable way. We carved pumpkins as we do most years, and enjoyed a spiced pumpkin soup with roasted pumpkin seeds on top for our dinner last night.

As well as working on a couple of ongoing permaculture projects, I’ve also been writing a lot, and consulting for several projects in the pipeline.

Of course, we’re also still working on our barn conversion, and I have plenty going on in the garden. So I’ll update on those too within the next week or two.

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