Practicing What We Preach

Time is running out…

In the run up to COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference of Parties, it is more important than ever that we move from paying lip service to sustainability and tackling our climate crisis to real and lasting action.

It is very easy for politicians and those in the public eye to say the ‘right things’. But words mean nothing when they are not backed up by the much needed policy moves and action that will drive real change.

We all need to make sure, especially when we are involved in environmentalism, conservation, social justice and related fields, that we ourselves are practicing what we preach whenever possible. We all need to admit to ourselves and to others where we are falling short as well as when we succeed.

We also all need to hold politicians accountable and make sure that they too are practicing what they preach. We need to peel back the curtain and look at the truth about what those in power are doing, and what they are not. We cannot just take words at face value. The onus is on us, as voters and as activists, to seek the truth and demand it.

We have to keep up the pressure on politicians of all stripes. We need to make sure that COP26 is not just about empty promises and soundbites and that political will drives forward the urgent change that we so urgently need to see.

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