Sustainable Autumn Activities

Autumn is, in many ways, my favourite season. Even though the weather is turning and the nights are drawing in, I find this one of the most beautiful seasons. I love the changing foliage, the soft, golden light, and the warm tones of late season flowers. Of course, I also love the fruit-filled abundance of the season.

Autumn is a great time to get out and about to enjoy the natural beauty of the season. Leaf peeping is of course a popular activity as autumn wares on. Here in Scotland we have plenty of places where the foliage is spectacular. And in many locations, you too are likely to have plenty of spots where you can enjoy the vivid leaf displays of the season.

This is also a time when we can enjoy many amazing wildlife spectacles. Huge murmurations of starlings, rutting deer, and migrations of waterfowl, to name just a few examples…

Autumn can also be a good time to explore the bounty of the season – some people might choose to visit an apple orchard, or pick their own pumpkins for Halloween. Others may spend time in their own gardens, or gleaning in their local neighbourhoods.

In autumn, the weather may not always be wonderful. But when the weather gets a little cooler, it can be more pleasant to enjoy more active adventures in the great outdoors – heading off the beaten tracks on hikes or cycle rides, for example. And when the weather is stormy and wild, spending time indoors on autumnal crafts can be a lot of fun.

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