Sustainable Sources for Household Items

Today, my husband and I took a break from the tiling and headed out shopping. I do not really like to shop, and to be honest, don’t shop much at all. As I have mentioned before, one way in which we always try to be as sustainable as possible is by buying less in general.Continue reading “Sustainable Sources for Household Items”

How Much Do You Buy in a Year?

When trying to live in a more sustainable way, reducing waste and minimising your negative impact on people and planet, what you choose to buy is one of the most important things. We all have to remember that a lot of our power as individuals comes from what we choose to buy (and what weContinue reading “How Much Do You Buy in a Year?”

How To Reduce Food Waste at Home

Reduce food waste at home and you are playing your part in caring for planet and people. It can help you reduce the amount you spend on food and ease financial strains. But it can also help prevent waste on a wider scale, and safeguard society, systems and environments. Reducing food waste at home doesContinue reading “How To Reduce Food Waste at Home”