Avoiding Extractive Industry as a Gardener

One key thing for those who want to live a more sustainable way of life is moving from an extractive to a regenerative mindset. We need to think about using and valuing renewable resources rather than continuing to take and take finite resources. Even gardeners who try to avoid an extractive mindset in their gardensContinue reading “Avoiding Extractive Industry as a Gardener”

Planned Reuse on Our Barn Conversion Project

Since we are working on a barn conversion, we are living in the midst of rather a lot of reclaimed material. This means that things in our yard look rather a mess at the moment. But we definitely have plans to reuse as many of the old materials as possible. Above you can see someContinue reading “Planned Reuse on Our Barn Conversion Project”

Uses For Cardboard in the Garden

Many people are buying things online rather than in stores at the moment – for obvious reasons. So it may be that you are finding that you have more cardboard to recycle. Before you put those boxes in the recycling bin, it could be a good idea to think how they might come in handyContinue reading “Uses For Cardboard in the Garden”