Planned Reuse on Our Barn Conversion Project

Since we are working on a barn conversion, we are living in the midst of rather a lot of reclaimed material. This means that things in our yard look rather a mess at the moment. But we definitely have plans to reuse as many of the old materials as possible.

Above you can see some old slates that came from the areas of the roof where the slates were removed to add new skylight windows. We have put aside the whole slates to use for repairs in future. But we have also stacked the broken pieces and I have plans to use them in some way too.

We have also retained lots of rocks from an internal wall section that we removed to make the space that will be our kitchen, and from where the French doors were added that lead out to the back garden. We have already used some of the rocks to start making a garden wall, and have plans to use more to make bed edging for new beds in the future.

We have also kept a lot of wood from the interior that we will definitely be putting back into the place further down the road. There are some roof ties that had to be removed because the ends were no good. But the middle sections of wood are fine and I plan to use some of them to make some chunky kitchen shelves when we get to that stage.

At the moment, we are working on the plumbing for the radiators that will run from our new Rayburn. It will be a while before we can commission the system, but we’re plugging on when we have the time. Of course I am also saving the copper offcuts to use for something later on too.

We are hoarding all sorts of things at the moment. And though we are not quite yet at the stage to reuse them, we do have great plans. For aesthetic as well as environmental reasons, we keep and reuse as much as possible as we continue with the works.

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