The Forest Garden in November

Rosemary, mint etc. in the forest garden.

The end of November might not be the most photogenic time in the forest garden, but there is still a lot going on. Though many of the leaves are off the trees, and things look a bit scrappy in places, there is still beauty, and also food to be found.

A few little heads of sprouting broccoli…

Red-veined sorrel…

Belleville sorrel…


Rose hips…

These are just a few examples.

At this time of the year there is a lot of tidying up to be done. I will be cutting back and renewing the pathways in the next few weeks. As the forest garden has evolved, I have found it best to take stock and manage the system after the leaf fall has concluded – when the skeletal structure of the system reveals itself.

But there is plenty that will be left wild over winter – with spent seed heads and dead stalks in place, as these ‘unsightly’ features are after havens for winter wildlife.

Forest gardens do not always look neat and manicured, but look more closely and there is always a lot of beauty to be found.

Stunning pyracantha berries…

Late blooming roses hanging on amid the hips.

Autumn may be reaching its end, but there are still several blooms around.

Even though the weather is cold, it is important to get out into nature and look more closely. The trees may be almost bare, but there is still plenty of beauty to discover.

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