Some Of The Best Self Seeders in My Forest Garden

A great garden is one which can not only endure over time but which also improves and gains in biodiversity. Making the right initial choices when it comes to planting can go a long way towards ensuring that the garden evolves as you wish. And choosing the right plants can make your life easier too.Continue reading “Some Of The Best Self Seeders in My Forest Garden”

Pesto is Not Just Something to Do With Basil

Basil pesto is a versatile option for a range of recipes. But it is worthwhile remembering that you can make pesto with a range of other ingredients. Today, for example, I made a ‘weed’ pesto, with nettles, sorrel, and a few other leafy greens from the forest garden, blended with with some seeds, some oliveContinue reading “Pesto is Not Just Something to Do With Basil”

The Forest Garden in November

The end of November might not be the most photogenic time in the forest garden, but there is still a lot going on. Though many of the leaves are off the trees, and things look a bit scrappy in places, there is still beauty, and also food to be found. A few little heads ofContinue reading “The Forest Garden in November”