Some Of The Best Self Seeders in My Forest Garden

A great garden is one which can not only endure over time but which also improves and gains in biodiversity. Making the right initial choices when it comes to planting can go a long way towards ensuring that the garden evolves as you wish. And choosing the right plants can make your life easier too.Continue reading “Some Of The Best Self Seeders in My Forest Garden”

Borage – A Nectar Factory For Your Garden

Borage (Borago officinalis) is an excellent plant choice in many organic gardens. There are plenty of reasons to grow it where you live. A relatively hassle-free annual flowering plant, borage can be a great option for many temperate climate permaculture gardens. I have borage growing in my forest garden, where it self-seeds reliably every year.Continue reading “Borage – A Nectar Factory For Your Garden”