Pesto is Not Just Something to Do With Basil

Basil pesto is a versatile option for a range of recipes. But it is worthwhile remembering that you can make pesto with a range of other ingredients. Today, for example, I made a ‘weed’ pesto, with nettles, sorrel, and a few other leafy greens from the forest garden, blended with with some seeds, some oliveContinue reading “Pesto is Not Just Something to Do With Basil”

Bored With Kale? Here Are Some New Ways To Eat It

Kale is a very useful vegetable to us where we live. It can survive and thrive in my garden and polytunnel all year round. I grow several different varieties, both annual and perennial. And we love it here. Yet many of the people I speak to about kale seem to find that after a while,Continue reading “Bored With Kale? Here Are Some New Ways To Eat It”

Midsummer Garden

Yesterday was a beautiful midsummer day. After a long country walk, I spent plenty of time keeping on top of things in the garden. Midsummer is a time of abundance – plenty of things are already being harvested, and everything seems so lush and green. Leafy greens – kale, chard, spinach, lettuce, etc. have beenContinue reading “Midsummer Garden”