Growing Brassicas

Those who already grow their own in a temperate climate will no doubt be familiar with brassicas – members of the cabbage family. These crops are important ones in temperate climates, and are often an important crop family in annual gardens. Where I live, March is the time to sow a range of Brassica plantsContinue reading “Growing Brassicas”

Bored With Kale? Here Are Some New Ways To Eat It

Kale is a very useful vegetable to us where we live. It can survive and thrive in my garden and polytunnel all year round. I grow several different varieties, both annual and perennial. And we love it here. Yet many of the people I speak to about kale seem to find that after a while,Continue reading “Bored With Kale? Here Are Some New Ways To Eat It”

Planning a Protein-Providing Garden

One of the key things to think about when trying to live a more sustainable life is where the protein in your diet comes from. One key strategy for reducing your carbon footprint is to eat less meat. Whether you give up animal-derived altogether or source only local, sustainable meat and dairy, plant-based protein sourcesContinue reading “Planning a Protein-Providing Garden”