Case Study: Mediterranean Permaculture Concept Plan

This site of around 2 acres is located in the Provence region of France, in the Mediterranean climate zone. It enjoys a long growing season ideally suited to the cultivation of a range of plants and crops. The primary challenges are heat and aridity in the summer months, so shade creation, and good water managementContinue reading “Case Study: Mediterranean Permaculture Concept Plan”

Case Study: Walled Garden Forest Garden Design

This is a small portion of my design for the larger Mediterranean site, for which I earlier shared the overall concept plan. This is the concept for the renovation of the existing (but dilapidated) walled garden on the property. (just under 1 acre in size) The goal is to turn the overgrown and neglected spaceContinue reading “Case Study: Walled Garden Forest Garden Design”

Case Study: California Permaculture Design

The site is in Livermore, California, on the eastern edge of San Francisco Bay Area. It is a two acre plot, which is planned to house and provide for a family of four. The surrounding land is to be leased to a vineyard, so the surrounding area will ultimately be surrounded by vines. The designContinue reading “Case Study: California Permaculture Design”