Case Study: Mediterranean Permaculture Concept Plan

This site of around 2 acres is located in the Provence region of France, in the Mediterranean climate zone. It enjoys a long growing season ideally suited to the cultivation of a range of plants and crops. The primary challenges are heat and aridity in the summer months, so shade creation, and good water management are key.

Average annual precipitation is approximately 610mm. Average annual temperatures are 8 (Jan) to 22 degrees C. (July).

This property is already planted with some olive trees, and other fruit trees. Ultimately, the site will become the site of broader food and resource production, to provide for the occupants while also providing excess for sharing with the wider community, and wildlife within the region in a sustainable way.

The primary goals of this design are to boost biodiversity and increase the range of food production on the site.

A kitchen garden area would allow for the cultivation of a range of annual/biennial crops year round, with a suggested pergola, trellises, greenhouse and composting area to facilitate this endeavour.

It is suggested that further areas – native woodland, enrichment of olive plantations, agroforestry areas (with chickens, bees and potentially other livestock in future), and food forest zones could optimise the potentially yields from the site, becoming relatively low maintenance once established.

The client was also provided with planting plans and plant lists for the vegetable garden area, as well as with some further details on the proposals for other zones in a longer report.

If you would like to learn more about my proposals, and are interested in discussing a design for your own property, please do get in touch.

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