Earth Day Inspiration

What should you do to celebrate Earth Day, invest in our planet and take action? There are, of course, a great many things that you can do – and not just on Earth Day.

Remember, caring for people and planet should be something we all do year-round. But Earth Day is an opportunity to hit that refresh button, energise and engage. So here are a few suggestions:

Invest in Your Garden: Sow and Grow

Whether you have a lot of land, a small garden, or even a sunny windowsill, sowing and growing is always a great way to invest in our planet.

Grow food to cut your reliance on harmful systems. Rewild your space, with wildlife-friendly schemes to boost biodiversity. Even in a small space, you can often do far more than you think.

Invest in Future Generations: Teach & Learn

If you have kids, now is a great time to help them become the eco-friendly and engaged custodians of our planet that we all want them to be.

Whether you garden together, take nature hikes, or explore the natural world together in other ways, teaching and learning from each other and from the natural world is an investment in a better future.

Invest in Your Community: Pay it Forward, Work Together

Earth Day is a great time to recognise that in our efforts to live in harmony with nature and build a better world, we are not alone. This is a day when we see just how many around the world feel the same way, and are thinking global and acting local where they live.

Reach out to others in your community, and work together to improve your environment, conserve nature, clean up the mess we’ve made, or work on planet-friendly projects in co-operative and collaborative ways.

Invest Your Time for Local Ecosystems

Find a project near you, and consider taking some time to help conserve or restore local ecosystems. Work for people and wildlife on projects that put nature back at the heart of all our daily lives.

Join a beach clean or litter pick. Plant trees. Observe and record wildlife or other features in the environment. Get involved with some citizen science. These are just some great ways to get involved.

Invest Financially – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Not all investment is financial. But some can certainly be. Think about what you buy and where you bank and really take the time to make sure that your money is doing good, rather than doing harm. Look at the big picture and, if you can, donate to a cause or project that puts out planet first.

Of course, we should all also simply take some time to just take in the natural world around us, to value its gifts, and think about what we can all do, in small, ordinary, everyday ways to change things for the better.

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