Case Study: Intentional Community

This concept design is for a planned intentional permaculture community set in farmland and woodland in Idaho, covering around 10 acres at the heart of a site of around 25 acres.

The idea behind the design is to create a community of around 25-50 people living in a sustainable way and collaborating to grow food and live an eco-friendly way of life.

There will be 11 double lots, where two homes, or a home and home business premises or workshop can be created. Focus is on the incubation of sustainable business and multi-generational living.

Those purchasing the lots will be supported in sustainable self-build projects. Each lot will be privately owned, and residents will own shares in the communal areas.

At the centre of this community, there will be numerous features to enrich the lives of those who will live here, including a community hub, with kitchen, dining and event areas, a nature school, play areas, sensory gardens, walking and cycling trails and more…

There will be a shared community vegetable garden, crops, a pond and chinampas, and forest garden areas, for demonstration of ideas that can also be included on the private individual plots. Native woodland/forest surrounding the site will give it a sense of privacy and a quiet, natural feel.

If you are interested in exploring options for an intentional community in your area, please do get in touch.

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