Case Study: Walled Garden Forest Garden Design

This is a small portion of my design for the larger Mediterranean site, for which I earlier shared the overall concept plan. This is the concept for the renovation of the existing (but dilapidated) walled garden on the property. (just under 1 acre in size) The goal is to turn the overgrown and neglected space within the existing stone walls into a beautiful and productive forest garden.

A walled garden would traditionally have been laid out very formally, with raised beds for the cultivation of annual crops. In this case, the clients wished to create something new, using mostly perennial plants, and to experiment with the cultivation of a range of different fruits and other more unusual perennial edibles to feed the expanding community who will live on the larger site.

The design gives a nod to the traditional formality and order of a traditional walled garden, but updates the idea to create an abundant but (once established) much lower maintenance space.

In addition to the tree fruits, nuts and berries that will be produced abundantly within the space, this forest garden should also ultimately deliver a wide range of other edible and non-edible yields.

Implementation of this design will take place over the next three-five years. It will begin with clearing, structure repair/ construction, and mark out, and proceed slowly towards full realisation over time.

Of course, this concept drawing is just a part of the report and drawings package delivered to the clients – to show the general layout and give a broad idea of elements and planting. If you would like to know more about this specific design, or would like a similar design for your own property, please do get in touch.

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