Consciousness, Intention and Action

Ecosystem restoration expert John D. Liu was kind enough recently to answer a few of my questions for Treehugger. Click here for a link to this brief Q&A. I was in touch with him via the Ecosystem restoration project which I have been working with in Somalia and do hope we will have the chance to meet in person at some point in the future.

As he stated in this Q&A – consciousness, intention and action is the natural progression required for transformational change. Today, as I have been ‘taking action’ in my own garden, on my own projects, I have been thinking quite a bit about human psychology and behaviour and change theories.

As a permaculture designer and sustainability consultant, changing minds can be just as important as changing landscapes. Forging a greater understanding of the links between thoughts and action is important to my own life, and in my design work. Often, by understanding ourselves better, we can find the most effective pathways to change things for the better and restore the ecosystems around us.

There is a lot more that could be said on this topic, and so much to explore in the field of ecosystem restoration. But for now, I would urge those who are not familiar with his work to click through to the Q&A, and the links in it to learn more…

As an aside, my fee for this Q&A article will contribute to my donation fund, so I can help someone who would like my help with an ecosystem restoration project but who cannot afford to pay for a design. If you have a beneficiary in mind for a few hours of design work or consultancy, please do get in touch.

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