The Power of Public Pressure

As someone who has been working to raise public awareness of our climate crisis and environmental and social issues for a number of years, I know how much of a difference it can make when public opinion and public interest sway in the right direction. One positive think that has transpired over the last yearContinue reading “The Power of Public Pressure”

This is Not a Time for Complacency

A number of times in recent days, I have been somewhat alarmed by what seems to be the general consensus that the Covid 19 pandemic has ‘given nature some respite’, and the widespread belief that curtailment of human activity has led to big wins in terms of our climate crisis. Some people seem to beContinue reading “This is Not a Time for Complacency”

Sustainable Tourism Requires Sustainable Communities

Though we are still in lockdown at the moment, people are looking ahead. Those involved in the tourism industry, and those with an interest in eco travel are considering the future. Not just ‘return to normal’ – but how we can implement a green recovery. There is a growing awareness that tourism and travel inContinue reading “Sustainable Tourism Requires Sustainable Communities”

What is a Co-operative Paradigm?

Permaculture espouses the idea that a co-operative paradigm provides the best pathway to a stable, sustainable future in which permaculture ethics and principles are maintained. Within the framework of a co-operative paradigm, people can switch from being the cause for the world’s major problems to the basis for solving them. By finding a common seriesContinue reading “What is a Co-operative Paradigm?”

How Could You Contribute to a Green Recovery?

As we all seek to move forward and build back better, we all need to ask ourselves how we can contribute to a green recovery. A green recovery is a recovery that enables us to all move forward together – and to take care of our planet – as we move towards a truly sustainableContinue reading “How Could You Contribute to a Green Recovery?”

Demand a Green Recovery – Speak Out

Wherever you live, recovery from Coronavirus should not be all about the bottom line. Financial recovery that does not care for people and planet is no recovery at all. Right now, we countries that have passed the peak of the crisis have a unique opportunity to craft a greener, fairer society. But it won’t happenContinue reading “Demand a Green Recovery – Speak Out”

Green Recovery – Why Growth is Not Always Good

In the garden, and when it comes to your personal development, growth is almost always a wonderful thing. The image above shows my forest garden – growing strong. But the same thing, arguably, is not true when it comes to economics. I am by no means an economist, but I have recently been thinking aContinue reading “Green Recovery – Why Growth is Not Always Good”