Demand a Green Recovery – Speak Out

What would a green recovery look like?

Wherever you live, recovery from Coronavirus should not be all about the bottom line. Financial recovery that does not care for people and planet is no recovery at all. Right now, we countries that have passed the peak of the crisis have a unique opportunity to craft a greener, fairer society. But it won’t happen unless people speak up.

Sustainability begins at home – but it does not end there. If we want to be part of a truly sustainable future, we all need to acknowledge the roles we can play in getting there. I don’t wish to delve too deeply into politics on this site. But I do want to take a moment to look at how we can all use our voices. Every voice counts. And the more we speak out, the more capacity there is for real, positive, lasting change.

So, how can we use our voices to achieve the green recovery we wish to see?

For example, an individual could:

  • Make their support for a green recovery clear through digital channels.
  • Have conversations with others in their lives to talk about what a green recovery should look like. (We need to be able to visualise change in order to be able to achieve it.)
  • Independently lobby local and national politicians to make our feelings known, through email, by phone or through social media.
  • Organise – become a campaign activist – helping to spread information for an organisation involved in lobbying for a green recovery.
  • Stand for office in their local area – and work for political change from the ‘inside’.

Of course, we also have to make our voices heard through our votes. Apathy just isn’t an option.

Calling for a green recovery, however, is not enough. We need to use our voices to articulate what a green recovery would be, and what a truly sustainable society would look like. What should stay the same, and what should change?

If you would like some help to work out how to use your voice and take your sustainability to the next level, please do get in touch. If you have big dreams or great suggestions for a green recovery, I’d love to hear what they are. Let me know what a truly green, truly fair recovery should look like where you live.

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