Planting For the Long Term

Often, gardeners and farmers will focus on plants which provide yields in the short term. They will grow annual fruits and vegetables, and, perhaps, plant fruit bushes and fruit trees which will yield only a year or two after planting. But great gardens and farms seek to provide for people and wildlife not just inContinue reading “Planting For the Long Term”

The Importance of Art and Music

I am posting rather late tonight because we have had a lovely evening of guitar and singing with friends and some family. Art and music are important in our lives. They can help us to give expression to our feelings and our thoughts. For me, that is never more important than when we are facingContinue reading “The Importance of Art and Music”

Earth Day Inspiration

Happy Earth Day everyone! Today truly is the day to appreciate our planet and all that it gives us. It is a time to listen to the birdsong and the buzzing bees, the sounds of babbling water and the wind in the trees. It’s time to smell the flowers and feel the soil beneath yourContinue reading “Earth Day Inspiration”