Earth Day Inspiration

Happy Earth Day everyone! Today truly is the day to appreciate our planet and all that it gives us. It is a time to listen to the birdsong and the buzzing bees, the sounds of babbling water and the wind in the trees. It’s time to smell the flowers and feel the soil beneath your feet. This is a day to be grateful to Mother Nature, and to think deeply about how much there is to appreciate, and how much there is to lose.

Nature can be inspiring in so many different ways. This earth day, why not focus on what brings inspiration to you? Spend some quiet time, wherever you live, communing with nature and getting to know it better.

Inspiration can give us hope, and actually help us forge better, more sustainable, eco-friendly solutions for the years to come. Think deeply, give freely, take sparingly. Design, innovate, dream and dare to imagine a better future.

Probably, most of us will not be marching or gathering this Earth day. But perhaps we can think of this Earth Day as the deep breathe before the plunge – a moment for internal reflection and deep thought, enjoying and being inspired by the nature around us before we dive headlong into determined action to tackle our climate, ecological and social crises together.

Awareness is growing, and though every day should really be considered ‘Earth Day’, we can take heart by thinking about all the others around the world who are also making a difference, and who also want to care for our planet and all those, human and otherwise, who live here. Together, this Earth Day, we can dream of a better world – tomorrow, we’ll actually go out there with renewed vigour and freshly inspired to take the urgent action we all need to take.

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