The Importance of Patience in a Garden

Cultivate ‘zen’ – it is often important to be patient in a garden.

I have been approached several times in the last few days by people looking for advice because their seeds have not germinated. But some were just expecting results too soon. In one case, a gardener was concerned because carrot seeds had not germinated a week after sowing. In another, a gardener was concerned that their beans had not come up, when it had only been a few days since they sowed them.

In both of these cases, as in many instances, patience is required. There are of course many other things that can go wrong when germinating seeds. But some seeds simply take a bit longer to germinate than others. It is important to learn how long the seeds you are sowing in indoors or in your garden typically take to germinate. Otherwise, you might end up giving up on them too soon. We can’t always expect quick results.

(One tip is to sow radishes in with carrots, so the radishes pop up sooner and you can easily see where the carrots have been planted. )

A lot of the time in gardening, the answer is actually not to do anything, but simply to wait and see. This is something that many people are not necessarily good at in our modern, always-open, always-on, constant access world. There are times to act quickly in a garden, of course, such as when pests or disease can be nipped in the bud before a major problem arises. But often, we need to cultivate patience.

Sometimes, nature takes its own sweet time. So whether we are waiting for seeds to germinate, vegetables to mature, or fruits to ripen, we need to learn at times how to watch and wait.

Patience is a virtue that gardening can help you grow. Just one more of the many benefits to growing your own, and spending time in a garden.

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