Tools I Use When Harvesting and Prepping Apples

Harvesting apples from multiple trees can take quite a lot of time. But using certain tools can make things a lot quicker and easier. Here are the apple picking and prepping tools/equipment that I would not be without: A fruit picker. I have a long-handled one which allows me to reach the tops of ourContinue reading “Tools I Use When Harvesting and Prepping Apples”

Apples – Thinking Beyond Crumble and Pie

As our apple harvest begins, I have started making use of some of our cooking apples. We have six apple trees here, five of which have done well this year, and so we soon tire of traditional recipes like apple crumble and apple pie. To be honest, we don’t very often eat desserts through theContinue reading “Apples – Thinking Beyond Crumble and Pie”

Preparing For the Apple Harvest

The apples on the trees in our forest garden are ripening nicely. We have several different varieties that were already established by the time we arrived here five years ago. Since we moved in here, I’ve worked to create understory planting. We’ve also adapted strategies to manage and make full use of all the applesContinue reading “Preparing For the Apple Harvest”