Our Individual Choices Can Perpetuate Problems or Work Towards Good

Our choices matter. Where will your choices lead?

It is easy to feel helpless in today’s world – shifted by political tides, our changing climate, and other factors which can sometimes feel beyond our control. But while, often, we may struggle to see how we can truly change things for the better, it is always so important to remember that as individuals, we have choices, and our choices can often have far more impact than we think.

We in the developed world may sometimes blame politicians and others in positions of power for not doing enough to make our world a better place. But we must all remember that those who hold power only hold that power because we let them. Ordinary people making small, everyday changes really can change the world, working together to fight injustices and ensure a safe future for all.

Not all of the decisions that we must make are easy. But divesting from harmful products and services is something which most of us in developed nations can achieve – at least to some extent.

Recent events bring home to us that it is not just what we use or buy, but where those things come from, that we need to take into account. Contributing to the economy of a country through the things we buy means that we are lending our tacit agreement to that jurisdiction and are supporting what they do.

If we are not happy about something our politicians or leaders do, it is our duty (where we have the freedom to do so) to make our voices heard. And to withdraw our financial support, where possible, from things we don’t agree with.

The more all of us move away from fossil fuels, and other problematic things like non-sustainable timber, other materials, and food, the more leeway those in power have to head in the right direction – for the future not only of individuals in specific locations, but for all people around the world.

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