Case Study: Terraced Forest Garden Permaculture Design

This case study shows the preliminary concept design for a challenging garden with extreme slope in south western England.

Existing retaining walls on a steep slope to the north and north east of the existing home are failing, insufficient and in poor repair. There are concerns that damage could occur to the home. Existing planting is patchy – in places insufficient and in places very overgrown. Winds from the south west mean that higher parts of the sloping area feel rather exposed. The low point to the east south east of the site becomes very wet and boggy.

The goal with this concept is to overcome these key challenges, while creating a productive garden with a wild and natural feel. The client desires a space where they can connect with nature, while feeling that they are making the most of their space.

As you can see in the concept plan, a series of terraces with gabion retaining walls will be created, and a layered perennial food forest will be planted. This will allow for extensive food production, as well as creating a beautiful and wildlife-friendly space.

More food will be grown in a polyculture kitchen garden, close to the kitchen, and in and around a large wildlife pond. A greenhouse will be build into the slope allowing for year-round food production. And more level spaces will be sown with perennial wildflowers and meadow planting.

In these challenging times. it is more important than ever that we all value the land we safeguard, and do all that we can to make the most of what we have. If I can help you find opportunity in the challenges in your garden, please do get in touch.

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