Case Study: Healing Garden

Many of us turn to our gardens when we are in need of healing – in physical body or in mind. In this case study, we see a garden where healing is the main purpose – the primary goal was to create a wildlife friendly space where the client could move around easily, and feel a sense of peace. This garden aims to be a place where people can recover from trauma and turn to the nature around them as they heal.

This is a little different to many of my designs, where food production is the main goal. Though this garden will produce some food, its main purpose will be to provide a sanctuary for all those – human and non-human – who call it home.

This particular design is for a garden in Vermont, USDA Hardiness zone 5b. The garden, aside from one apple tree and several native trees around the boundary, is level, and currently mostly laid to lawn. The client also owns a much larger area of woodland to the north of this area, which will remain in its natural state.

This design aims to provide a manageable yet beautiful space, where the client can find respite, while contributing to food production and obtaining nourishment primarily through a local CSA scheme.

If you are interested in a healing garden, whether or not food production is your main goal, please do get in touch.

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