Sustainable Sunday Lunch Idea

Leftover vegetable pot pie – to be eaten tomorrow.

Today, we have had a lovely visit from my mum and dad. I made some lunch for everyone and we enjoyed a good chat over a vegetable pie, and an apple and caramel cake. While for many it may be more traditional to enjoy a Sunday roast – you do not necessarily have to eat meat to have a Sunday lunch with friends or family.

I am not vegetarian, but I do have a high proportion of vegan and vegetarian food in my ‘sustainavore’ or ‘climatarian’ diet. Today, I used some homegrown food alongside some produce from our excellent local farm shop to feed our group of seven.

I made a simple pot pie with a vegetables in a bechamel sauce, topped with an olive oil pie crust. With some mashed potato on the side. we followed that with an apple cake made with some of my homemade apple butter, topped with caramel.

I am definitely not a gourmet chef, just a simple home cook and this is a meal that anyone can make. It was a good alternative to a traditional roast and was a veggie meal that even more hardened meat-eaters can enjoy.

It certainly did not feel like anything was missing, and goes to show that vegetarian and vegan recipes don’t need to feel like a compromise and can make for a great meal on a special occasion, or on any sustainable Sunday.

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