Case Study: Eco Build Garden

This case study demonstrates a garden plot around a planned eco build on the south coast of England. The design aims to ensure visual amenity and appeal while maximising food production and making best use of resources on this small site.

The site is approximately 250 sq m in size, located between farm fields and a coastal path. The area is currently an area of scrub, sloping gently down to the very south of the site and level over the majority of the rest of the site.

While bright and sunny, with beautiful sea views, the location does experience strong winds from the south west and south on a frequent basis. A gorse and buckthorn hedge will aid in buffering the property from the winds, without restricting the views too excessively.

Fruit trees nestled within the landscape and planting will be surrounded by lower tier edible plantings around the planned home. Much production for the household will be within the integrated greenhouse on the structure.

If you would like to know more about the details for this particular design, need some planting suggestions for a coastal property, or would be interested in a design for your own coastal site, please do get in touch.

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