Where and How to Grow Herbs

A herb spiral – one option for growing a range of herbs with different needs in the same growing area.

From a sunny windowsill where you can grow herbs year round, to dedicated herb gardens outdoors, from annual polyculture beds in a kitchen garden, to fabulous forest garden schemes, there are plenty of options when it comes to herb cultivation.

I recently shared some of my tips for starting a herb garden on Treehugger:

My Tips for Starting a Herb Garden

In this brief article, I talk about some common options – both for dedicated herb cultivation, and growing herbs within integrated schemes, alongside a range of other plants.

When deciding where to grow herbs, you will of course have to think about their environmental requirements and growing needs.

Another of my recent articles, Herbs that Can Be Planted and Grow Well Together may help you by giving an overview of which herbs may do well in a particular location, and the broad conditions that they need.

Herbs are invaluable additions to a garden, whether used for food, medicine or other uses like cleaning yourself or your home. Thinking about where they can be integrated within a garden (of any size) can help you begin to work out the best strategies to employ where you live.

If you are interested in culinary or medicinal herbs, and want to learn more about them, growing them yourself can be a great place to start. I can help you come up with a plan for your garden, large or small, wherever you live, which will help you work out where and how to grow them as part of a holistic garden design.

So please do get in touch to discuss a design, and to get started on your own herb growing journey.

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