Simplifying and Downsizing for Sustainability

Since I shared that tiny home case study yesterday, I’ve had an interesting conversation with someone about why they ‘could not possibly live in such a tiny home’. This cuts to the heart of a key issue in sustainability – how much – how many belongings – do we really need. Most of us inContinue reading “Simplifying and Downsizing for Sustainability”

Case Study: Tiny Home Agroforestry and Rewilding

When people acquire a piece of land, often, their first thought is to erect a large home on it. But as this interesting project demonstrates, we can live much more lightly on the land. This plot in Scotland comprises almost a hectare (just under 2.5 acres) of marginal land but will accommodate a wooden cabinContinue reading “Case Study: Tiny Home Agroforestry and Rewilding”