Stocking the Pantry – The Redcurrant and Raspberry Harvests are Here

I recently wrote an article on preserves in my pantry for Treehugger, and I am now anticipating another busy weekend picking and preserving. While the raspberries outside are not quite ready yet, there are still lots of wild raspberries to pick in the polytunnel, I’ve picked the first few red currants and will be pickingContinue reading “Stocking the Pantry – The Redcurrant and Raspberry Harvests are Here”

Wild Raspberries in my Garden

We are very lucky here because wild raspberries grow prolifically in this area, and crop up all around the edges of our property and pretty much wherever we allow them to grow. Raspberries are one of my favourite fruits, and we love both the wild and cultivated varieties. I allow the wild variety to growContinue reading “Wild Raspberries in my Garden”

Ideas For Using Raspberries From a Garden

It has been an excellent year for soft fruits here. If, like me, you love raspberries, you might be interested in some of the different ways to make use of them. Of course, you can simply enjoy some raspberries in a fruit salad, or with some yogurt for breakfast. But there are also plenty ofContinue reading “Ideas For Using Raspberries From a Garden”