Ideas For Using Raspberries From a Garden

It has been an excellent year for soft fruits here. If, like me, you love raspberries, you might be interested in some of the different ways to make use of them.

Of course, you can simply enjoy some raspberries in a fruit salad, or with some yogurt for breakfast. But there are also plenty of other ways to use your fruit. To inspire you to make the most of your own raspberry harvest, here are just a few ideas you might like to try:

  • Make a smoothie – I combine raspberries with other seasonal fruits. I also add a little spinach for a healthy boost. For a more substantial option, I sometimes include oats and seeds too.
  • Make raspberry sauce. (Simply blend raspberries – with a little honey or another sweetener if you find them too tart.) Raspberry sauce works well with ice-cream and other summer puddings, of course. But how about trying something a little different? Try haloumi with raspberry sauce. Or drizzle it over a rich nut roast.
  • Make raspberry jam. This is a favourite for a reason. And you can use a few unripe apples to add natural pectin. But raspberry jam is not the only preserve you could make. And you could also ring the changes by combining raspberries with other seasonal fruit.
  • Make raspberry tarts, raspberry cakes, and other baked goods. How about a no bake raspberry cheesecake (or vegan cheesecake if you’re dairy free)?
  • Make raspberry ‘fruit leather’ (AKA – healthy home-made fruit roll ups.)

Speaking of raspberries, you might like to check out some of my articles on them:

How to Prune Raspberries could be one to look at if you want to find out how you to get more a more abundant harvest next year.

If you want more tips on growing raspberries, or suggestions for making the most of your harvests and avoiding food waste, please do get in touch.

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