Increasing Yield in Any Garden

In permaculture gardens, one of our key goals is to obtain a yield. The higher the yield, the more productive, resilient and sustainable our gardens can be. Yield is theoretically unlimited…

I recently wrote a short e-book for a client on how to increase yield in a polytunnel garden:

How to Increase Yield: (without getting a bigger Polytunnel) Kindle Edition

There are a number of different ways that we can increase yield in our gardens, of course. Many of them revolve around managing the garden in an organic, sustainable and pragmatic way. Caring for the soil, managing water wisely, boosting biodiversity… these are just some key things to consider.

Please do consider supporting my client and purchasing this e-book if you are interested in practical advice on this subject. I would also be glad to offer my consultancy services if you need more advice, or would like to know more about this topic.

But in this post, I wanted to take a moment to talk about what we really mean by ‘yield’.

Most obviously, of course, yield is about edible crops – growing food. But we can also grow a wide range of other resources in our gardens – from things for crafting and DIY, to fuel, medicines and herbal remedies, fibres, dyes, plants to make natural cleaning products and things to clean ourselves….

But even these yields are still only the tip of the iceberg (or only the part of a tree above the ground). Yields are not only tangible things like those mentioned above. Yields can also include things we cannot touch or hold.

For example, increased happiness, or pleasure, could also be considered as a yield. Improved health (both mental and physical) might be another. example. Knowledge and skills are also things we gain from a garden. It is only when we begin to think a little differently about yield that we truly begin to see all that a garden can deliver.

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