Stocking the Pantry – The Redcurrant and Raspberry Harvests are Here

I recently wrote an article on preserves in my pantry for Treehugger, and I am now anticipating another busy weekend picking and preserving. While the raspberries outside are not quite ready yet, there are still lots of wild raspberries to pick in the polytunnel, I’ve picked the first few red currants and will be picking a lot more tomorrow. The blackcurrants (I have a couple of bushes) are not too far behind.

As mentioned in my article linked to above, I do have a jar of redcurrant jelly left from last year. But I now have to decide what do do with the rest of my redcurrants. (I have three bushes in my forest garden.)

I think I might make a redcurrant sorbet over the weekend, if the weather is warm. We love it not overly sweet, with just a hint of elderflower. I will also likely make a pint or two of redcurrant syrup for cordial.

I probably won’t make any jellies or jams this weekend. But I will make some bread with redcurrants and seeds and nuts in it, and perhaps a cake or pie or crumble if the mood takes me and I have the time. Likely, some redcurrants will eventually end up in the pantry for longer term storage. But in the meantime, no doubt some will sit in the freezer until I decide to do something with them. They can join one of the two raspberry cheesecakes I made last weekend.

If anyone has a favourite redcurrant recipe, especially if it is a little out of the ordinary, please do let me know. I’m always looking for new recipes to stock up my pantry.

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