Case Study: Belgium Permaculture Garden

This is my concept plan for a garden in Belgium (USDA. Hardiness Zone 8a). Details were given to the client for each of the main planting zones, with plant suggestions and an implementation plan. This design aims to suggest a planting plan for the garden which will make the space as attractive and abundant as possible. It aims to introduce permaculture practices and resilience into the ecosystems as well as making a pleasant place to spend time – for people and wildlife.

The existing garden already defines the different ‘garden rooms’, and this plan suggests how each of these spaces can be utilised more fully. Planting schemes were designed for the specific site, and for the overall abundance and biodiversity of the system.

If you would like a plan for your own permaculture garden, or would like to know more about this specific design, please do feel free to get in touch.

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