Bring Colour and Cheer to Your Garden

Most of us have had a difficult year, and are surrounded by uncertainty. But having a garden means we have the opportunity to shape our immediate environment to bring some cheer. Obviously, as a permaculture designer, I know that there are many other things that a garden can provide. But sometimes, it is nice toContinue reading “Bring Colour and Cheer to Your Garden”

Case Study: Quick Ornamental Bed Plan

Just a quick and simple case study today. This was a plan I created for a client who already had a range of plants that they wished to place in an ornamental border, and wanted me to give them an idea of plant placing and arrangement. While I usually create full designs, I can alsoContinue reading “Case Study: Quick Ornamental Bed Plan”

Edible Ornamentals and Ornamental Edibles

Many gardeners compartmentalise in their heads. They put edible crops into one category, and ornamental, flowering plants in another. But there can actually be a lot of overlap between these two categories. In a permaculture garden, we integrate don’t segregate. We grow plenty of flowers as companion plants in our polyculture vegetable beds. We considerContinue reading “Edible Ornamentals and Ornamental Edibles”